Changes to the Housing Benefit system
....the Bedroom Tax


“A spare room keeps a family together. It allows teenagers to have their own bedrooms; it allows parents to help older children pick up the pieces if they come home at a time of crisis; it allows the adult child to come home to look after a poorly parent when they come home from hospital; it allows the divorcee to have children to stay; it allows couples to sleep separately if one is ill or recovering from an operation; it allows the younger disabled child to have their own room; and so on.”
Lord Best, House of Lords debate in 2011.


National Campaigns:

  • We will not stand idly by and watch the welfare state being dismantled.
  • Anti Bedroom Tax Protest in Scotland
  • UK group plans historic anti-cuts rally. June 22nd.
  • 20 April - More BedroomTax Protests (details here)
  • Labour Against the Bedroom Tax.    (Official Webpage)
    Labour Against the Bedroom Tax offers members and supporters the opportunity to join a nationwide campaign to oppose these measures.
  • Unite The Union.   (Community Membership 50p per week)
  • UKuncut plans mass ‘evict a millionaire’ civil disobedience.
  • National Housing Federation
    From 2011 to 2012, the National Housing Federation led a public campaign against the Government's welfare changes which will push thousands of people living in social housing into hardship or out of their homes.
  • Scrap Spare Bedroom Tax.
  • The Campaign for Benefit Justice
    The Campaign for Benefit Justice has called a summit event on 9 March in central London, bringing together tenants, disabled people, trade unions, the unpaid and the low paid as one national voice to end the war on the poor.
  • Abolish the bedroom tax or prepare for the people's revolution.
    You can find a list of protests organised by this group in your area HERE



  • All Petitions Against This Government And It's Welfare Legislation
    Collection of petitions on Facebook.
  • STOP the 'Bedroom Tax'
    Stop the 'Bedroom Tax'. Don't make the poor pay with their homes to subsidise tax breaks for the rich.
  • The Bedroom Tax leaves Children wide open to abuse. !
    Children, the disabled, families and single people are being pressured into taking tenants into their safe homes under this immoral and dangerous law.
  • e-petition Stop the bedroom tax NOW.
    Stop the totally unfair BEDROOM TAX it will cause hardship for many thousands of hardworking people in this country.
  • Stop this evil Government,Petition the Hague to prosecute Cameron.
    To: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor Information and Evidence Unit Office of the Prosecutor International Criminal Court.
  • Stop the vacant bedroom charges. (over 129.000 signatures!)
  • Supporting the Sunday People's campaign calling on the Government to increase central funding for the discretionary housing allowance so those unable to pay the bedroom tax do not become homeless.
    Petition by Tracy Collins, Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Stop the Housing Benefit attack (commonly known as the ‘Bedroom Tax’) Join the fight! Created by Paul H. United Kingdom
  • Mike Dailly on behalf of Govan Law Centre Trust
  • David Cameron: stop the bedroom tax.
    Petition by Amanda Harkins, Skelmersdale, United Kingdom.
  • Bedroom Tax for social housing tenants who are benefit claimants
    Target: David Camerson, Nick Clegg, and the government Sponsored by: Margaret Allan .
  • Repeal the Welfare Reform Act 2012 ( 11,452 signatures!)
    Created by Michael Moulding.
  • Make the U.K government ABOLISH the "Bedroom Tax" in the U.K Created by Stuart H. United Kingdom.
  • Abolish the bedroom tax or prepare for the people's revolution.
  • Amnesty UK to protect the human rights of the sick & disabled.
  • Scrap Spare Bedroom Tax.
  • Government of the United Kingdom: Abolish the bedroom tax.


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  • National Bedroom Tax Campaign Day of Action 16/03/13
  • Abolish Bedroom tax or prepare for"Peoples Revolution 2013"
  • Anti Bedroom Tax Protest in Scotland
  • People united against the bedroom tax
  • Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants


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